VBB 500RA DS is an automatic trimming and forming machine of double spindle design, with 4 hydraulic machining units, double work piece transfer and scrap ejector. This machine was designed for maximum productivity. It offers a compact design along with an optimum cost/performance ratio. VBB 500RA DS is well suited for machining weld seams and beading deep drawn components, e.g. for gas cylinders, fire extinguishers, tanks for the beverage industry, expansion vessels, or other pressure vessels.

The cycle depends on the machining time and on the diameter of work pieces. It is from 12 to 15 seconds for two halves.

VBB 500RA DS with 4 machining units for halves of tanks or other deep drawn parts.

-       Two work spindles with variable speed, individually driven and controllable

-       Version for 2 or 4 hydraulic machining units per work spindle 

-       Hydraulic holding-down system with highly innovative work piece centring device 

-       User-friendly control panel with swivelling arm 

-       Specially designed belt conveyors for feeding, separation, and centring of drawn parts 

-       Transfer of work pieces using a parallel gripper and standardized linear units with electric drive; individual control for each side

-     Process monitoring and control using sensors and
      a PLC with specifically developed machine