Automated machine for the production of finger openings in the outer rings of beer kegs

Special equipment to spin and weld beer keg halves from stainless steel

Our products are based, to a large part, on a well thought-out modular machine concept. This ensures that most customer requirements can be complied with. Special applications, however, demand the design of tailored special machines, based on our customers' specifications. The long experience of our engineers and the high level of technical expertise of our staff guarantee that even complex tasks will be resolved, from planning to advice, to production.

It is a matter of fact that we strive to make machining and part handling as easy and as economical as possible, and this also applies to special machines. Automation of a process-orientated parts handling system can be accomplished either using transfer equipment and manipulators especially developed by us or using commercial robots.


Detailed illustration of the above spinning and welding machine with quadruple transfer equipment and a loading robot


4-axis manipulator for large stainless steel tank shells